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Jane Carter Solution

Jane Carter Solution.


Jane Carter Solution

This is a review that has been LONG overdue on a fabulous product. I was introduced to this product at the Bronner Brothers Hair Show in Atlanta this Spring. This product gives amazing curls and body – it’s a wash and go style staple.

jane carterr



The product is 98% natural, vegan and parrben free. Their tagline is “hair care for humanity”

This product gives you the perfect ringlets that you love every time.

I spray my hair in the morning with water and conditioner and then I apply my Jane Carter Solution Curl Defining Cream. After applying the cream and use my paddle brush and brush it so the product is distributed all the way to the ends. This is the result, wet:


I want the hair to clump together at the ends because that’s how the beautiful ringlets form.

Once the hair is brushed, you MUST leave it alone. Don’t play with it, don’t shake your head, don’t do anything to it. Just let the curls air dry. Your results are this:

This products gets TWO THUMBS UP from me – if I had more thumbs, it would get even more thumbs up!!!!


You can contact Jane Carter Solution via the following social media websites:

Instagram: @JaneCarterSolution

Twitter: @janecarter