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Ritz Carlton Atlanta – Downtown location

Today’s blog is going to be a review of the phenomenal Ritz Carlton Hotel in Atlanta. There are 2 locations: Downtown and Buckhead – I stayed at the Downtown location on Peachtree.

Let me first say, the customer service started before I even got there via email. I was sent a standard email confirming my reservation, but then they took it a step further. They emailed me again a few days later asking for my itinerary of my stay and guaranteeing me that they would accommodate my every need.

Me and my husband had plans to see a concert at Chastain and my next gift to him was the overnight hotel stay. We arrived at the hotel and were greeted with a glass of champagne while checking in. That was a very welcome gesture after surviving rush-hour combined with holiday Atlanta traffic.

The lounge area was absolutely beautiful and we sat and enjoyed our champagne and relaxed for a minute before heading up to the room.


The room was spacious and the bed was so soft, I actually sunk into it when I jumped on the bed. Yes, I hopped on the bed to test the softness and was pleasantly surprised.

When we met the valet to bring the car around, I got in the car but needed to get back out to get some water because I couldn’t stop coughing. One of the doormen saw that I was about to get out of the car and came and opened the door for me. I told him I was just getting a bottle of water from the stand. As I was turning to go back to the car, he walked ahead of me and said “I have to open the door for you, it’s part of our 5 Star service.” WOW!!!!!

We went to the concert and when we came back, this decadent chocolate surprise was waiting for us:

My husband was so surprised. I was also because I had mentioned to the front desk clerk that we were celebrating his birthday but she gave no clue that they would do anything as a surprise.

We had a great nights sleep. As I said before, the bed was amazingly soft and I was glad that I chose late checkout at 1 pm.

We had breakfast at Atlanta Grill in the hotel. The breakfast was very good: eggs, meat, biscuits and potatoes. They AGAIN surprised my husband with another birthday surprise – a birthday fruit platter:

We left breakfast, went back to the room and I took a nap for about an hour before checking out. Yes, I had a hard time parting with that bed.

We left the hotel happy and thoroughly impressed with our stay. The customer service was top-notch. They waited on us hand and foot and made us feel like royalty. I can’t wait for my next stay.

I will try their Buckhead location next. Stay tuned!!!!!