Sunny Grace Hair Products Factory

Those of you that know me know that I’m a virgin hair distributor. I have contacts oversees that I use that manufacture the hair that I sell. One of these contacts has let me down and given me extremely poor customer service.

First, let me make something clear. I am not a blogger that loves to bash people and hide behind the pen and slander people. I am not a negative blogger but this service was so incredibly bad that I have to preface this as a public service announcement.

The company that I’m writing about today is: Sunny Grace Hair Products Factory.

This company is based out of China, some people might be familiar with them because they can be found on a vendor website called Aliexpress.

I ordered a custom wig from them to wear to the Bronner Bros. hair show here in Atlanta. The hair show is known for education, celebrities, products, and shows but one of the main draws of the show is the hair. You can see some of the most outrageous color combinations on the planet at this show. Since this was my second trip to the show this year, I decided to get in on the act. I ordered a purple hombred curly wig. I was sent a picture of the colors that would be in it and asked if that was ok to which I replied yes. I have attached the picture I was sent to show you what the colors were supposed to look like.

I had only used this vendor once, and that was to order a hair sample but I receive emails from her weekly. Since my main manufacturer wouldn’t be able to supply me with what I needed, I chose Sunny Grace.

On July 23rd, I placed my order with Sunny Grace. I told asked her how soon would I have it and told her that I would be wearing it to the Bronner Bros. hair show on the 3rd. This was her reply:

“From: Grace Sun
Date:07/23/2014 9:50 PM (GMT-05:00)
To: Patricia Jackson
Subject: Re: : Crazy Deals for hot summer vacation—sunny grace hair company

Hi dear Patricia,
If you order today, you will get it next week.
Is that ok? Will not delay your show time 🙂
And here is your order detail again:
16″ lace front wig curls, shoulder length and two or three shades of purple hombred. Dark purple on the tip, lighter purple in the middle and a lighter color at the bottom”

I sent her the payment via paypal the same night and she emailed the next day to confirm my shipping address. After that, I did not hear from her until I emailed her on the 31st. Her response to my dismay was this:

“From: Grace Sun
Date:07/31/2014 7:05 PM (GMT-05:00)
To: Patricia Jackson
Subject: Re: : Crazy Deals for hot summer vacation—sunny grace hair company

Hi, dear Patricia,
Really sorry for late reply.
About the synthetic wig, just because we don’t have the 100% same one, we need to make the new one for you.
You know we have many color wigs in stock, rally can’t find the same one as yours.
Could you pls kindly wait?
Yesterday i just contacted my hair masterm she told me theses days will be ready.
Is that ok, my dear?
And sorry again.
Sunny grace”

You can image how upset I was. And then when I tried to get my money back, she said that the wig was already the process of being made. How is that so when you have already emailed me saying that the “need to make a new one” for me as of the 31st?

The next time I heard from her was on August 3rd (the day I went to the hair show – how ironic) to say that the product shipped and asking me not to be mad.

Needless to say, I will NEVER be using this vendor again. If you like this vendor, then by all means, keep using them. I just want to save another person from going through the horrible experience that I just did.

You know there will be an update when I get the unit so you can see the finished product. I know some of you are thinking “why would she order something sight unseen?”  It was for a hair show – there is no right or wrong when I comes to a show like that.  It’s all about self expression. Whatever she did, it would have been ok, because it was custom.  I was even thinking of incorporating this wig job into my hair company, if this had worked successfully.  THAT will not be happening now.

Last thoughts: BUYER BEWARE!!!!!

Here’s the information on Sunny Grace Hair Products Factory:

Sunny Grace HairProducts Factory
T: 86 532 87265365 | M: 18653231237


One thought on “Sunny Grace Hair Products Factory

  1. My experience was awful. I ordered Grade 8A hair from DH Gate . The hair was to last 1 year with proper care, but it shed over 50%, split and frizzed within one week. DH Gate has a 7 day policy on returns and the Merchant wont respond either.

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