Sunny Grace Hair Part II – THE HAIR IS HERE . . . . .

Let’s revisit my last blog, shall we? I last left you with a sour taste in my mouth from the horrific customer service given to me by Sunny Grace Hair (a hair manufacturer in China).

I ordered a CUSTOM lace front wig from them that I had planned on wearing to the Bronner Brothers Hair Show on Sunday, August 3rd. I ordered the unit in plenty of time and was told I would have it the week of the hair show. Needless to say, I did not get the unit in time. I was fuming – I ended up spending more money to buy another wig from a wig shop.

I finally got an email from Ms. Grace on the evening of the hair show (how utterly ironic) saying that the wig had been shipped out:

On Sunday, August 3, 2014 10:02 PM, Grace Sun wrote:

Hi, dear, Patricia,

Really sorry formy late reply.

Your order have been shipped out.

I know you are still angry with me. But the wig is really beautiful.

Pls don’t be angry with me any more.

Sunny grace

You already know that I had to let Ms. Grace know that she waited until AFTER I needed the item to ship it.

You think we’re done now, right? OH NOOOOOO!!!! There’s more.

She did not ship the wig when she said that she did. On August 7th, I emailed her saying that I still have not received the wig and asked for a tracking number. On August 8th, she gave me the tracking number and to my dismay, this proved that she did not ship the item when she told me that she did. The tracking number indicated that she shipped it out the day that I emailed her which was 3 days later than when she contacted me to say that the wig shipped. I cannot even express the anger I felt.

So let’s fast forward to today – the wig is here. It’s a lot of hair. I asked for hombred hair: dark purple going to light purple and she did the opposite. As I said before, for the hair show, it would not have made a difference because it’s an “anything goes atmosphere” but I know what I want and this is not it.

So with that being said, I’m putting her up for sale. This is definitely performance/fantasy hair. If you are a hairdresser or in a line of work where hair color doesn’t matter, then this unit might be for you. She has 3 combs, and adjustable straps in the back. There’s about an inch of lace in the front and the lace is soft, not scratchy. It is hombred from light purple to a dark purple color that resembles merlot. She’s kinda heavy to the touch but not heavy to wear, but this is definitely BIG HAIR, DON’T CARE hair.

Since this is a custom unit, I’m selling her for $100 ( I have to make a little profit). I have the original packaging (plastic bag, hair net and stuffing paper). The lace has not been cut, I have taken pictures with the lace on so you can see what she looks like. I will accept payment via paypal or money order. If you choose the money order option, I will ship the unit after I receive the money order.

Let me know what you think. See the pics attached. . . .










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