Can’t we all just get along???

I have been natural for years but just kept it covered with wigs and weaves.  I was a virgin hair distributor for years.  I got tired of spending blinding amounts of money on hair and installations so I switched to wigs.  I then got tired of buying wigs: figuring out colors that work with me, buying a wig and it’s not the same as the last one, etc. So this is my official “coming out” blog :).  I have been wearing my hair out for about 3 weeks now.  I LOVE it.  I feel free and light.  I have been styling my hair in a puff on top of my head most of the time and occasionally a puff to the back of my head.

I was encouraged to come out by very unlikely sources: young twenty-somethings!  I know, what?!?  We all know that grey hair is all the rage right now.  Everyone from teens to middle-aged women are wearing grey weaves, dying their hair grey or just wearing their own out.  Producer/singer Sevyn Streeter has a grey weave in her video with Chris Brown.  Toya Wright is also sporting the grey. I have been wanting to free myself from the bondage of additional hair for a while now so once I saw grey was “en vouge”, I thought “why not?, it’s my time!”  I have some grey hair (that I obtained early).  I washed my hair and slicked it down with some product and tied it down.  I let hubby see it about an hour later and asked him what he thought.  He said that he hadn’t seen my hair in so long, he forgot what it looked like.  He actually liked the wave pattern formed by the water, product and scarf and from that moment on, it’s been out for the world to see.

sevyn streeter grey toya wright gray

I went to church for the first time with the new ‘do and was pleasantly surprised at the position reaction.  One lady even told me not to put anymore hair on top of my head anymore because I was hiding such a pretty face.  I was shocked.  People have been very supportive and it feels good.

I have joined different natural hair groups and I’m ready to receive the love and support of other naturalistas.  As a new member of #TeamNatural I see love in the groups but I’m also seeing hate.  I’m seeing the battle between the type 3 & type 4 hair types.  I’m also seeing people being very judgmental toward each other regarding techniques of styling and product.  I guess I just assumed that everyone in the natural community showed each other enormous love because they know that in the community they don’t get the hate and negative feedback that we get from media, relatives, friends, Corporate America and so forth.  I was floored tonight to see someone online criticizing a picture of someone’s baby hair.  Really people, baby hair???? Who cares?  I thought it was beautiful.  Hell, I wish I had as much baby hair as the girl had so I could swerve mine all over the place too.

Maybe I’m just too happy because I’m new to the movement.  I just want us all to get our afro pics out, wide tooth combs, and spray bottles and stand in a circle and sing Kumbayah.  Is that too much to ask???


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