How much moisture is too much?

I was led to write this by reading a blog on that mentioned that hair can actually be over moisturized. Hygral fatigue was a term that I never heard of but discovered is the result of too much moisture.  It is the excessive swelling of the hair cuticle as water is absorbed and the contracting of the hair cuticle as it dries.  This leads to weaker strands over time, causing the hair to stretch beyond normal and eventually lead to breakage. Examples of what can harm your hair are: 1) perpetual overnight conditioning; 2) deep conditioning longer than the recommended use; 3) re-wetting a wash and go style daily without allowing the hair to completely dry and 4) solely using moisturizing conditioners that are void of protein.  Here is the link to the article I’m referring to:

So let me get this straight . . . too much moisture is bad??? Well shut the front door!!!

I grew up in the era of “the curl”. Jherri Curls, Carefree Curls and Wave Nouveau were all the rage. People sprayed their hair with activator to oblivion and slept with their hair covered in plastic bags NIGHTLY.  The crazy thing was: their hair grew like crazy. The reason behind it was that their hair was constantly moisturized.  Curl juice left behind on clothing & furniture was just a part of achieving the perfect bouncy and juicy curls.


We are now in a new era where the naturally curly look reigns supreme.  There is one man whose name equates with maximum moisture: Anthony Dickey.  Dickey is a celebrity hair stylist, author of the book “Hair Rules” and co-founder of Hair Rules salon.  His mission is to educate and provide solutions for how to care for natural waves, curls and kinks.  His method has made him an anti-shrinkage guru.  The Anthony Dickey method suggests that you wet your hair completely and while hair is dripping wet, apply a lot of conditioner to completely saturate the hair.  Rinse the hair and apply A LOT of leave in conditioner and/or styling product.  You must apply a lot because your hair must be dripping wet.  Next, shake your head back and forth in order to set the curls free to fall where you want them to be in your hair style.  The last step: DON”T TOUCH IT!  Either air dry, use a diffuser with your blow dryer or sit under a hooded dryer.  He says this can be done 2-3 times a week.

As a new natural, here is where the confusion begins.  One side says: too much moisture is a bad thing. The other side says: you can’t even think of having too much moisture. I’m not even going to discuss the L.O.C Method lovers (that’s a blog for another day). So what do we do?  Who do you listen to?  Listen to YOUR hair.  After you have worked with your hair for a while, you will realize what it likes and what it doesn’t.  Do what makes your hair look good and more importantly, feel good and your hair will thank you.


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