Wonder Curl

Today’s blog is a review of a wonderful product for people with naturally curly hair called Wonder Curl.  The products’ creator and founder is Scarlett Rocourt.  I had the pleasure of meeting Scarlett at a Natural Hair Freedom brunch in Atlanta earlier in the year and finally got a chance to sample the products.

Scarlett’s claim to fame is that her products work for all curly hair types and provides moisture and great curl definition.  Wonder Curl is a line of hair care products that help Curlies achieve any look they want.

I decided to purchase the Good To Go Kit which includes 2 oz. sizes of: Get Set Hair Jelly, Butter Than Love Pudding, Butter Than Love Whipped and Get Slick Hair Smoothie.

Good To Go Kit

Well, of course the first line of business was to do a twist out with the products.  So I decided to use the Butter Than Love Pudding and Get Slick Hair Smoothie for my twist out and here is my result (texture shot):

Wondercurl twist out

As you can see it gives great definition to my curly afro puff.  Even though the lighting is low on the picture, that definition is popping out atcha!!!!!  My curls were so set that I wore my hair in a curly fro Saturday – did I mention that the twist out was done Wednesday night????  I was elated.  The best thing is that my hair had movement.  You would think that curls set that solid would be hard and crunchy but it actually moved.

So you know I had to attempt . . . . wait for it . . . . a “Wash & Go”.  For those of you not familiar with the term, that is when you wash your hair, apply products and either let it air dry or set under a dryer/use a diffuser.  I’m a no-heat kinda girl, so air drying is my option.  Every curly girl has attempted the Wash & Go and many have failed because of either products not working or improper application technique of products.  Some people, like me, even thought “my 4c hair just isn’t meant to be styled in a Wash & Go.”  Well, here is the result:

Wondercurl washngo

I was shocked and amazed!!!!!!  I watched a video on the Wonder Curl channel on YouTube that explained the correct way to apply the products.  I added a little oil to my hair after washing and conditioning.  The styling products used were the Butter Than Love Pudding and Get Set Hair Jelly.  These products elongated my natural curls and made them SUPER defined.  It does not take a lot of product for proper application.  I don’t think I have even used a third of the 2 oz. container yet and that was for an application of product on my entire head.

My conclusion:  You HAVE to try Wonder Curl!!!!! I’m giving it the HOLY GRAIL PRODUCT thumbs up!!!!  The Wash & Go sealed the deal for me.  I felt victorious!  Ok, I know that’s a little dramatic, but if you have ever had an epic fail Wash & Go then you know why I’m shouting from the mountaintops about this.  Wonderful products by a wonderful CEO.  She is not just putting a product out and leaving it to you to read the label and figure it out.  She is always providing tips and trainings online on how to use her products to make your hair look the best it can be.

How can you reach Wonder Curl?  Here’s the information:


@wondercurl on Twitter and Instagram

Wonder Curl on Facebook, Periscope and Pinterest


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