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Who doesn’t love chocolate??? I love to eat it and smell it – of course eating too much of it is not good but we can smell it as much as we want.  I have found a way where I can smell it everyday if I want and my waistline will not expand as a result.

Curl Collection has come out with a new line of products called Curls Uncensored.  They are a playfully provocative line of products that will seduce your curls.  This is the mantra of this new line from the owner,  Nadja Renise.  For those familiar with Curl Collection you remember it used to be a subscription box company that sold a different line of products every other month.  Nadja has developed this new line of products and is now only selling the Curls Uncensored line and upon description you will see why.

The Curls Uncensored line is an amazing collection of products that not only work great and smell great but they are also multi-purpose. The line contains a clay cleanser, hair growth oil, leave in conditioner, and daily moisturizer.  The products are all natural and vegan.  These products can be used on all types of hair, not just curly hair.


The Dirty Curl Cleansing Clay looks and smells like chocolate pudding but there’s no need a scoop out large portions to do the job.  Just a dab on your fingers will do the trick for each piece of hair that you section off.  The cleansing and conditioning clay contains Rhassoul Clay and Bentonite Clay.  To use just rake through your hair and remember to massage it on your scalp.  You will notice that your hair will start to form its’ natural curl pattern upon use. This product is also a detangler, so raking the product through  your hair is easy.  Since the product is lightweight, you can actually leave it in, do some housework, run an errand or two or just sit and enjoy the smell for a while.  Rinsing the product out is a breeze as well and your hair is left soft and moisturized.


After washing my hair, I spray on the Knotty Nectar leave-in conditioner.  It contains Aloe Vera Juice and Coconut Milk. Yes, it also smells like chocolate but it’s a very light scent. This can be used as a daily refresher.  If you use the LOC method, this product would be the “L” (liquid/leave in conditioner).  The consistency is a creamy liquid that is thick enough to do the job but liquid enough to be dispersed through a spray pump.


The Flower Bomb Hair Growth Oil is what it says “the bomb hair oil”.  This product has Ylang Yiang Oil and Coconut Oil. The bottom of the spray pump is see-through and you can actually see the Ylang Yiang petals at the bottom of the container.  A little goes a very, very, very long way.  I cannot stress this enough, if you use too much of this (like I did the first time) it will be running down your face, back, everywhere.  The spout on the bottle is adjustable and the secret is to open it just enough where drops drip out, not a stream.  You don’t have to grease your whole scalp with the bottle, just apply sparingly and spread it around as you massage your scalp.  The scent has a tiny hint of a floral note, but not so much that a man would not use this.  My 12 year old son LOVES it because it’s such a great moisturizer and it smells good.


The last product in the line is the Sweet Cream Daily Moisturizer.  This product contains Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter. The scent of this product is primarily cocoa butter (to me).  It’s thick but the product literally melts on contact.  This product is great giving you a nice juicy twist out style.  This product does not contain any type of products found in gels so you will not get super defined rigid curls.  You will get soft, romantic hair that has bounce and movement.


I fell in love with this line of products on first use.  The Curls Uncensored line is all about delighting the senses.  Your hair will smell great, feel luxurious, and look fabulous.  It’s different than any other line I’ve ever seen and I have used my share of products on my natural journey.  Now you can see why this is the flagship line of products for Curl Collection.  The packaging is gorgeous, the products are multi-purpose and you get a lot for your money.

Two thumbs up!!!!!  If I had more thumbs, it would get even more thumbs up.

Here is the information where you can follow and purchase from Curl Collection;

@curlcollection on Instagram & Twitter

Curl Collection on Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus & Periscope


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