Naturalicious OooLaLocks Box

As most of you know by now, I am a Wonder Curl affiliate but I have a tons of blogs to do that I have fallen behind on.  I am saying this to say that you will start seeing me talk about other products that I purchased previously, won or were given.  I am horribly behind and have tons of product to review that I haven’t given away so I got to get these fingers moving.  I just wanted to get that piece of housekeeping out of the way so people weren’t looking at me side-eyed like this . . .


With that being said, let’s get right down to it.  Today’s review is on Naturalicious.  This company is the brain child of founder and CEO, Gwen Jimmere.  Before we dive into the product, let’s talk about Gwen.  She is a history maker.  She is the FIRST BLACK WOMAN to hold a patent on a Natural Hair Product!!!!  Did you hear me???  I need you to go back and read the previous sentence in case you missed it.  She has also been featured on Black Enterprise and on Tom Joyner.  That ALONE made me want to try the product because anything with that many accolades must be great.  Gwen has been not only making product but traveling around the county teaching and educating people on healthy natural hair.

Now let’s get to the product!!!!  I purchased this kit with my own money after seeing Gwen do a Periscope broadcast where she actually washed her hair live and styled in under 30 mins.  I literally watched her do a washngo on Periscope in real-time.  I was sold. I had read reviews of people saying how quick and easy it was and how their hair was left so soft so I thought, let me give this a try.

I purchased the OooLaLocks Kinky/Coily box.  This is also another box called Curly/Wavy for people with looser curl patterns.  The claim to fame of her products is that the box of 4 items does the work of 13 products.  So what’s in the box?  Here it is:


  1. Moroccan Rhassoul 5-in-1 Clay Treatment. This is a cleanser, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner and detangler.
  2. Moisture Infusion Styling Crème.  This is a moisturizer, styler and heat protectant.
  3. Divine Shine Oil & Sealing Treatment.  This is a frizz fighter, moisture lock and hot oil treatment.
  4. Heavenly Hydration Hair Mist.  This is a refresher spray and protective style hydrator.

So as you can see, each product packs a punch of goodness and this is why you can do less with more.  She has a 1 Hour Wash Day challenge that you can find on her Instagram page as well as on YouTube.  She also sells a Spanish Almond Regrowth Oil and Ghanaian Shea Butter that are not included in the box but can be purchased separately.

So I took the challenge.  I did not formally go online and proclaim that I was about to do it but I did it and she was right.  It DID take less than an hour to achieve a washngo style.  This is HUGE!!!!!!!!  A wash day can actually take up the entire day for some naturals and this cut the process down dramatically.  Naturalicious will have a naturalista bout to cut a step (do that church dance).  You mean I can do something else on Wash day other than tend to my hair???? What????!!!!???


The clay cleanser really promotes your curl pattern, I noticed that immediately and detangling was not a problem either.  I was also surprised how easily it rinsed out of my hair.  I was expecting a muddy mess and it rinsed clean and rinsed out quickly.  Even the stubborn hairs in my temple that usually never curled became curly.  The last picture in the series of 3 is the end result –  the white you see around my edges is the moisturizer.


I am not the washngo type of girl, so I usually wear the style on wash day to aid in drying and wear a different style the next day so here is the afro puff that was achieved from my twist out that I did before bed on washday.

20151028_082539_resized As you can see my puff still has great curl definition and is full.  This was another thing I loved about her products, you have body from the very beginning on wash day.  There was no waiting days to get fullness and fluffiness, it was there day 1.  Like everyone said, my hair was very soft and smelled great.

The 4 step system cost $49.99 which is a bargain because if you bought all of the items that these 4 items do, you will easily spend over $100.  If you become a VIP member (a subscription membership that is free to sign up for) you can save money and control how often you want the products delivered to you.

This is my second time using the products in the box and I have my hair twisted for my puff that I will wear tomorrow.  Check out my Instragram page (@pjacksone) to see me and my puff in action.

Naturalicious provides a great savings and combines wonderful products with quickness and efficiency.  The result is soft and beautiful hair with light bouncy curls.  I say, give it a try, what have you got to lose:  an hour of your day at the most.

You can reach Naturalicous with the information below:

@Naturalicious1 on Instagram and YouTube

@Naturalicious on Twitter, Periscope and on Facebook.


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