Control Hair Care

As a Naturalista, you know that moisture and conditioning is paramount for our hair.  The search is always on for a great conditioner and one with natural ingredients is a plus.  I have found a wonderful product by Control Hair Care called Mega Moisture Masque. As you can see, the consistency is light and fluffy.

20151114_141447_resized    20151114_134033-1_resized

The Mega Moisture Masque is natural and an organic hair nourishment for your hair.  It’s a deep conditioning treatment made from Jasmine Green Tea and Brazilian Cupuacu.  This product will soften, strengthen and rejuvenate dry, damaged and brittle hair.  Their tagline is that it’s “Handmade WITH LOVE” and you can see how once you try the product.

I asked Leone what the uses were for the product after she sent it to me and she explained that it’s a multi-use product. She said it can be used as a cold wash for stream treatments, overnight treatment or leave-in.  I LOVE a good leave-in so once she said that, I was sold.

I washed my hair and then smoothed and raked the product into my hair.  Let me tell you about how good it smells.  It smells absolutely AMAZING!!!!  One of the best smelling products I have ever used and I have used my fair share of products.  The smell is very tropical and slightly “flowery” but not in an overbearing way.  I don’t feel like I’m walking around smelling like a field of flowers and I’m about to be attacked by a swarm of bees.  The list of ingredients is jasmine flowers, green tea, raw cupuacu butter, hemp oil and avocado oil.  Now how can you go wrong with a healthy green list of products like this? You can’t go wrong.  Right now everyone is concerned about eating green, why not treat your hair the same way. This is an indulgent way to pamper your hair and provide health and wellness to it at the same time.

Ok, I got off topic with describing the smell, let’s get back to the application of the product.  I raked and smoothed the product and my curls started to pop.20151113_190234_resized 20151113_191043_resized20151113_192020_resized It has great slip and raked through very easily.  My hair smelled amazing and was moisturized instantly. After the product was applied to my whole head, I loosely combined my hair into 4 sections, applied my styling product and allowed my hair to air dry.  Before I went to bed, I sectioned my hair into about 7 mini puffs (my hair is too short to “pineapple”), put on my bonnet and went to sleep.

The next morning, I took my bonnet off and my hair STILL smelled amazing.  I even had my husband smell it and he said “wow”.  I took the bands out of my hair, shook my head and fluffed my hair a little bit and here’s the results:


Amazing curl definition, light and smells to die for.   I can’t remember the last time my hair stood up on it’s own from a washngo.  That is a feat within itself and demonstrates how light the product is.  I’m very happy with the results.  I give Leone and her product 2 thumbs up in a big way.

Here is the information where you can contact Control Hair Care:

@controlhaircare on Instagram and Twitter

Control Hair Care on Facebook



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