Koils by Nature

Todays’ blog is highlighting Koils by Nature which is the company of Pamela J. Booker. Her goal was to provide her customers with exceptional, high quality, all natural hair and skin care products at an affordable price. Every ingredient is derived from nature and includes natural butters, oils, and certified organic essential oils. Her products do not contain parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oil, PBA, petroleum, paraffin DEA, synthetic color or animal products. Now THAT was a mouthful.

I bought a sample pack since I had never used her products before. To me, sample packs are a great way to get multiple products and see how a line works. I bought the Soothing Herbal Eucalyptus and Lavender Sample Pack for $25. The pack contains: Moisturizing Shaeloe Leave In Conditioner, Hydrating Shaeloe Creamy Conditioner, Nourishing Hair & Body Butter of your choice and Soothing Herbal Gel of your choice. These were 2 ounce sizes so that gives you enough for a couple of applications (on the average). It was sent in a beautiful brown organza bag.


I decided to co-wash using the Shaeloe Leave In Conditioner. I then deep conditioned for about 30-40 minutes with the Hydrating Shaeloe Creamy Conditioner and then I used the Shaeloe Leave In Conditioner again (as my leave-in this time).  The picture below shows my hair with the Hydrating Shaeloe Creamy Conditioner rinsed out and the Shaeloe Leave In Conditioner applied.


Pamela has a loyal following and her conditioners have been a holy grail staple of many naturals for years. Her Shaeloe Leave In Conditioner has been lovingly called the new “Creamy Crack” for years and has developed a cult following.


The conditioners did leave my hair soft and it aided with detangling.

I then used the Herbal Soothing Curl Defining Gel – I choose the Eucalyptus and Lavender fragrance. All of her products have a great fragrance and upon layering the products, none clashed with each other.


I have low porosity hair at my temples which means its dryer and frizzier than the rest of my hair. The hair there is also harder of hold a curl. I attempted a WashnGo using her products. They did well but I did have to use Eco Styler gel in the low porosity spots. I regretted that the next day because it left me with hard curls while the hair that had Pamela’s products only was still soft. Shoulda left well enough alone, right????  But the rest of my hair was bangin!!!!!


I did not use the butter because I wanted to save that for my body – why should my hair get all the fun?
I achieved 3 day curls using her products and it might have lasted longer, but I had to wash my hair.

My final thoughts???? You have GOT to try the products just for the conditioner alone.  That conditioner is legendary.  Yes, there are a zillion conditioners on the market, but how many are botanically made, creamy and provides good slip??? Koils by Nature also provides products in TEN different fragrances including “unscented” so there is something for everyone.  They also have a membership program where you can purchase a membership for $45 and save money all year on products purchases, be first to find out about new products and receive discounts for Koils by Nature events.  Once you become a member you can reapply at a discounted price the following  year.

You can find Koils by Nature with the information provided below:

Koils by Nature on Facebook & Pinterest

@koilsbynature on Twitter & Instagram




2 thoughts on “Koils by Nature

  1. Ooh this all sounds lush! I’d love to send you some of my products: Three Blends, 100% organic vegan, all-natural hair conditioners created for afro/dry/curly hair. Let me know your email address please.

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