This review is L-O-N-G overdue and for that I apologize.  As a curly girl this is a company that you cannot ignore and some people actually look at them as the innovators of curl products.

Their history goes back to 1994 when co-owner Lorraine Massey opened the first salon in New York City.  The salon is called Devachan and they offer specialty cuts for curly hair called the DevaCut. In 2002, they launched DevaCurl No Poo which is a non-lathering conditioning cleanser that substitutes shampoo.  It has been said that this was the beginning of the co-washing movement.  They soon developed an entire line of products that are 100% cruelty free, sulfate free, paraben free, and silicone free.  This is just a small portion of the line . . . .


Lorraine Massey is also the author of the bible for curly hair called “The Curly Girl Handbook” which is now on its’ second edition.  A section has been devoted to us kinky-curly or as she likes to say “Super Curly” girls.  See how she did that? She married the salon, products and books together . . .  genious!!!!

They have developed a 3 step system to cleanse, hydrate and define curls. The DevaCurl claim to fame is that their products work for EVERYONE. The products are formulated to work on hair that ranges from wavy to super curly.  With a claim like that, you KNOW I had to give it a go.

I received the new DevaCurl Decadence line of products in the Curl Box Natural Box a few months ago.  The box contained the No Poo Decadence Milk Cleanser, One Condition Decadence Milk Conditioner, Supercream Coconut Curl Styler, Ultra Defining Gel, and Set It Free Moisture Lock Spray.  I was later sent products from DevaCurl when I won a contest so I have had ample opportunity to use the products more than once.  I did not want to give a rushed, one-time usage review on this company because this is a company that a lot of us kinky curly girls have been eyeing but not sure to try.

I shampooed with the No Poo and even though it did not lather, it felt luxurious and rich.  With this cleanser,  you are supposed to focus mostly on the scalp.  Lift the section of your hair and massage the cleanser into your scalp. It foams up a little so you can tell that it’s cleansing.  It has a very clean and fresh scent. When you rinse, the cleanser travels down the hair to clean the hair from root to tip.

I then parted my hair in 4 sections and applied the Milk Conditioner by raking it through and using the “praying hands” method.  I made sure to amply an ample amount at the ends.  The conditioner was creamy and had the same fresh and clean scent.  I rinsed the conditioner out but made sure leave a little behind.

Before applying styling products, I added a little conditioner to each section.  This was a tip I learned from other super curly curls because our hair needs SOOOOO much moisture.  As I mentioned before, my hair was parted in 4 sections and as I worked on a section, I would separate again and then layer a little conditioner, the Coconut Curl Styler and the Defining Gel.  Here are the results once I was finished with the application.


The process was quick and easy but I found out that I could not follow the application to the letter.  I have short super curly hair so the “flip your hair, apply gel lightly from nape to ends and crunch” was an epic fail for me and left my hair with super shrinkage.

The second time I decided to forego the gel and just style by applying a small amount of conditioner and Coconut Curl Styler.  I also used my diffuser to help my hair dry quicker.

20151125_193046_resized (1)

I got more height from my hair so I was pleased.  Since my hair is short I do mini pineapples at night starting with parting my hair in 4 or 5 sections the first night and then 2 sections the second night – this helps to stretch my hair.

So what’s the PROS?:  Super Curlies, kinky-curlies, and froistas: don’t be scared to try this product.  You have to give it a try.  I was shocked at the curl formation that I got from the products with minimal effort.  This is another product that makes wash day extremely quick and easy.  I am happy with the curly fro I received using this product.

The CONS:  (1) The price.  Gorgeous curls that can be achieved by everyone come at a hefty price. The “Kit for All Curl Kind” is everything I received except the Set It Free but in 3 oz. sizes and it’s $30.  Some people might think that is a steep price tag.  To their defense, I hear that they have regular sales and promotions once you sign up for the mailing list on their website.  Right now they are having great Black Friday sales so if you want to try, this is the time to do it. (2) The Set It Free Spray gave me shrinkage and a little more fro-ism than I expected.  I used the spray on the second day because my curls were looking dry and needed some umph.  Maybe I just needed to check in with their Facebook page to get help.  They have “Ask the Curl Coach” Wednesdays on Facebook where you can get questions answered.  I have GOT to set myself a reminder for that.

So my final takeaway . . . . try it, it works.  Hard to believe one product can work for curl patterns across the whole spectrum but it works.  You just have to learn how to tweak it for your specific hair type,  The “Ask the Curl Coach” is definitely something that I will be using.   The products are all natural and that is HUGE! There is no more guessing that I have to find out what shampoo is Curly Girl (CG ) approved?, what conditioner is CG approved?, or what stylers are CG approved?  Their line has everything you need, there’s nothing to think about.  Don’t be scared of the price tag.  I’m a diva on a budget as well but once I found out that there are sales online, in Ulta and flash sales occasionally, I knew this was something I could afford. Just stock up when you find a great sale.  The CG Method can be intimidating and mind-boggling and I’m happy that the creator of the line has provided a system that works and takes the guesswork out of achieving the curls you desire.

You can reach DevaCurl with the information below:

@devacurl on Twitter

DevaCurl on Facebook and Pinterest

@mydevacurl on Instagram





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  1. Omg I’m absolutely in love with this product, I have it in abundance. Kindly check out my blog I’m all about easy living, poetry and hair care. Thanks xxx

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