Lash Life

Most of you know me from writing about hair and very rarely about anything else.  I haven’t written about anything other than hair products in months.  Well, today I’m including a new topic: LASHES!!!

Who knew I would become a card-carrying lash wearer?  I decided this year to do something different.  Last year I started wearing my natural hair out (not covered by weaves and wigs).  This year I said “let me give this lash thing a try AGAIN”.  Yes, I said again – this is not my first rodeo.  I tried wearing lashes a couple of years ago for the first time and it was – how can I say it?  EPIC FAIL!!!!! I had no clue what I was doing, they felt heavy and I felt awkward.

Fast forward 2 years and here we are.  I am in a head space now of not really caring what people think.  I realize that this makes me sound all kinds of pompous.  It’s not that, it is that you finally decide that you are going to do what makes you happy.  You get to a place where you are not apologizing for being fabulous in a way that is different from the cookie cutter examples shown to us daily.  That’s part of the reason for the name of my blog – it’s MY version of fabulous.   I’m not a teenager or twenty-something, I have grey hairs and I’m wearing lashes daily. BOOM! (drops mike and exits stage left).

This is the beginning of my journey that started a couple of days before New Years Eve. I don’t have a ton of brands to share but I will show what I have so far.

I don’t even remember what company I bought that handmade human hair lashes from. I believe it was one of those discount warehouses where you can get lashes for cheap.  Yes, they have been worn and not placed ever-so-gently back into the case.  Don’t judge me! The pair at the bottom (#747XS) were a little heavy and I had to make sure the glue was REALLY on them because they would droop if I didn’t.


The Ardell Naturals on the left are what I have been using to wear to work. They are lightweight and natural looking.  The 120 Demi were worn on New Years Eve – see pic below.  I haven’t worn those to work – I don’t think Corporate is ready for all that lusciousness.


The Revlon Fantasy Lengths were the very first lashes that I decided to try out.  I literally put them on in the car.  That is how lightweight the lashes were, I was amazed.  They were extremely comfortable.



So what have I learned the second time around? (1) Glue is your friend!  Applying that extra amount to the ends is crucial in keeping the lashes on.  Hold the lash above the glue and apply that way to keep glue from running down your lashes.  The Revlons’ fell victim to some glue spillage. (2) Put a mirror on a flat surface and look down while applying the lash. (3) I put mascara on and then apply the lashes and it gives me a base of where to apply the lash.  I also smoosh (technical term – LOL!) my lash into the fake lash so it creates the illusion of the lashes growing from your skin.  (4) Practice makes perfect – this is the main thing.

My next lash review will be on a company called Makeup Fix. They had a HUGE sale a couple of weeks ago where they were selling lashes for A DOLLAR!!!!! Yes, these were lashes costing $10.60 a piece for $1.  I bought 3 pair.  I know, I should have bought more, but I’m a newbie still getting used to the new journey.

If you have any tips for me or brands I should try, please drop a comment below and let me know.





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