Ode to a New Natural

This is a post for the person that is either on the fence about “going natural” or have been natural for a year or less.  The whole “going natural” term is really a little maddening because we are not “going” anywhere.  Your hair is simply returning to its’ natural state.

I posted the picture to show just how intimidating this can look to a new natural.  The sad thing is: that’s not even all of the products I have.  That was just a portion.  A new natural will either look at the picture filled with glee and ready to spend money or think “this is overwhelming” and run for the hills.

I listened and participated in a Periscope session yesterday with Naturally Glam and she did a mini rant and discussion on how the natural hair community makes things way harder than it needs to be.  I agree with this statement.  If you look at the natural hair tutorials on YouTube you will see endless videos on what you need to do to make your hair look fabulous.  According to them you must: prepoo, deep condition (sometimes oyournight), detangle, shampoo, detangle, rinse, detangle, use a leave-in conditioner, detangle, use an oil to seal and then apply the styler. That was a run-on sentence for a reason – because it just goes on and on and on.

There are so many methods out there: Maximum Hydration, Curly Girl, Modified Curly Girl, Baggie Method, Inversion Method, Banding Method, LOC, LCO . . . .  This by itself is enough to make your head spin, but we are not done.

If you are not using the “best” products then you might as well go hide under a rock in shame because you hair just isn’t going to grow.  You must use either Rhassoul or Bentonite clay to wash your hair.  You must use oils that have come from a land far, far away.  You just have to have a steamer: either a floor model or hand held.  Your diffuser must be shaped ergonomically correct and have a cold shot option.  You must have a microfiber towel. You must comb your hair with Denman brush (no shade, just saying). If you don’t think the products online or on the shelves are natural enough then you must make your own.  So now you are looking at YouTube and reading blogs about people going to the Farmers Market and organic food stores and getting their Haas avocados, cold pressed virgin olive oil, eggs, mayo, honey, etc. and spending a pretty penny to do so.

I just want to let you know that it doesn’t have to be this hard. Wash day doesn’t have to take all day.  Doing our hair isn’t a constant chore.  I purposely picked the products in the picture because these companies are known for having products that are multi-purpose. Your wash day can be cut in half or done in a hour or less with some of these products. In the picture you see: Uncle Funky’s Daughter, Carol’s Daughter, The Mane Choice, Naturalicious, Curl Collection and Mielle Organics.  I did not include Wonder Curl products in the picture because – c’mon people, that’s a given.  I’m a Wonder Curl affiliate and all of her products are on the Wonder Curl tab on my blog and in another place in my house just for them.  All of these products have made wash day quick and easy.



So for a new natural I say, don’t be intimidated.  Find what your hair likes.  It will be trial and error but no one comes out the gate knowing that the first product they try is the winner.  Just know that it doesn’t have to be a major production to do your hair.  The point of going natural is to enjoy the ride and celebrate your new found freedom – not to be held hostage by products and procedures.  You don’t have to get caught up on all of the crazy practices listed above.  If you are a lazy natural, then be lazy. Find a quick routine that fits your lifestyle and go with it.  The most important thing is to enjoy your hair. Love your hair and it will love you right back and show that in strength and growth.




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