Tarte Mascaras

Well I finally bit the bullet and decided to spend quite a few coins on some mascara.  For those of you following my blog and following my Instagram and Twitter (@pjacksone), you know I have been on a falsies kick since the beginning of the year.  Hubby likes the false lashes so I have been rocking them steadily just about every day.  I admit there have been some times where I have not removed them carefully and that has probably led to me loosing some natural lashes.  I also went through a period where I was lazy and didn’t apply mascara first and then apply the lashes. This also led to glue getting on my natural lashes resulting in lash loss when trying to pull the glue off my lash.

I was recently introduced to the Tarte Brand because their products are eco-friendly and cruelty free.  I watched countless YouTube videos on how their mascaras are just the best thing since sliced bread.  Their Instagram page was ablaze with everyone going crazy and posting fabulous pics.

There was one mascara that everyone talked about more than the rest and it’s called “Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1” mascara.  This is a lengthening, curling, volumizing and conditioning mascara that is infused with olive esters to condition, treat and protect lashes. Now that’s a mouthful.

Just when I thought the hype couldn’t get any more crazy . . . they came out with a new mascara called “Tartiest Lash Paint”.  This mascara is supposed to increase lash volume by 2700% (no that was not a typo – almost 3 thousand percent increase).  I just happened to hear about it the week it came out so I said, “why not, let’s get it!”


Now let’s get to the pricing.  This was NOT a cheap venture on my part. “Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1” mascara was $21 and the “Tartiest Lash Paint” mascara was  $23.  I got a sample of the Deep Dive Cleansing Gel as a free gift (I was able to choose from 3 items offered). So spending almost $50 in mascara had me setting the bar super high for results.

Here are my lashes with nothing on them.  Get out the magnifying glass people because you’re gonna need it:


Now here is the results from the “Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1” mascara:


Now here is the results from  the “Tartiest Lash Paint” mascara:

So for me, the results are not astounding.  This is why I mentioned the state of my lashes with them not being the thickest/longest to begin with and with me removing my falsies roughly.

Will I have better luck over time with the mascaras by removing my lashes more carefully? We will see.  I will use this as a base with my lashes before applying the falsies.  I have seen people using this in real time on Periscope and saw their lashes transform before my eyes.  Some people have said they will use this in place of falsies.

It’s an expensive undertaking but we are women.  We work hard and we deserve to splurge on ourselves sometimes.  This was definitely a splurge for me because I have always bought drugstore mascara.  I decided to join the big leagues and invest in some really good mascara. If you are looking for a more eco-friendly, clean and vegan-friendly mascara, treat yourself.  Here is the link showing their vegan friendly products: https://tartecosmetics.com/tarte-shop-vegan-cosmetics

Let me know your thoughts and if you have used the products before or will be purchasing.

You can contact Tarte Cosmetics on the following social media platforms:

Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter: @tartecosmetics

Periscope: Tartecosmetics

website: https://tartecosmetics.com/





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