Makeup Fix Lashes

As most of you know, lashes are my latest obsession.  I asked hubby recently if he liked me with or without lashes.  I was a little shocked when he said “with”.  I thought he’d say “it doesn’t matter, I like both” or some P.C. answer like that.  So with that, I’m all in!

This is a totally non-glam pictionary of the lashes.  It’s all about the lashes, right? I’m not too vain to go completely naked in the face to show off some lashes.

I ordered lashes from Makeup Fix at the beginning of the year when they had an EPIC sale. They were selling lashes for ONE DOLLAR.  Yes, I said it, a dollar.  Shipping was $5 so it was totally worth it.  I had never heard of the company but for a dollar, what did I have to loose?

makeupfix lashes

The first lash is Twig.  This is a VERY faint lash.  Truly for the beginner or person that doesn’t like any drama in their lashes.  If you want the most natural looking lash, this is it.

Next is Simplicity.  I like this one because it’s wispy. It’s still natural looking but with a little something extra.

Here is Plenty.  She is bringing some drama to the party. Plenty of thickness and and plenty of length is what you get with this lash.

Finally we have Bliss.  This is va-va-va-voom for sure. This lash is NOT for the faint of heart.  You had better BRING IT when wearing these babies.

They have different varieties of lashes to choose from that range from tame to Diva.

I like trying out brands that I have not heard of because you never know what gems you will find.  Their lashes regularly cost $10 a pair and they have a huge celebrity following as you can see on their website. I like the variety this company has and the lashes were very comfortable and did not have to be bent by hand before applying.

Here is the contact information for Makeup Fix:


Instagram and Twitter: @makeup_fix




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