House of Lashes

I know some of you are like “Seriously? Another lash blog?”  My answer is “YES!!!”  Do you know how many companies make falsies?  I could blog weekly for months and still have content to share.

This week’s blog is on the fabulous House of Lashes.  Their philosophy is “Quality is Queen”.  House of Lashes is founded by a beauty and fashion expert.  She spent 4 years researching lashes across the globe before choosing the top 10 most flattering styles for every eye shape. Their lashes are hand crafted using 100% sterilized premium human hair. They have 4 collections:Au Naturale, Flirty, Glam, and Premium Luxe (which showcases lashes made of cruelty-free synthetic fibers).  They also sell individual lashes, bottom lashes, custom 3 packs and lash accessories.

I bought the Custom 3 Pack of the Best Sellers:  There are 8 best sellers in the collection but I chose: Heartbreaker, Au Naturale and Temptress Wispy.  By now you know that I LOVE a Wispy lash – it gives me my whole entire life. The lash holder case doesn’t tell you what the lashes are so as long as you keep them in their decorative boxes, you will know which lashes are which.

Here is Heartbreaker (a dense lash in places with some whispiness):

Next is Au Naturale (extremely natural lash):

Last but not least is Temptress Wispy (LOTS of wispiness!):

Shockingly, I think I liked the Au Naturale the most.  I could not believe it myself.  It’s such a realistic looking lash. Don’t get me wrong, the wispy and thicker lashes were the bomb but it was something about that super natural-looking lash that just did it for me.

I purchased these during a sale on the Custom 3 Pack.  They were $22 dollars but I used a coupon code so after shipping my total was $20.60.  Not bad for lashes from a lash house – totally worth the investment.  They also have free shipping for orders over $25. They have sooooo many different styles and collections to choose from. There is something for everyone.   Check out the cases that they sell to hold your lashes – GORGE!!!!:

Have you bought lashes or accessories from House of Lashes?  Tell me your favs and which ones I should buy next?

You can find House of Lashes via the following:

Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest: @houseoflashes

Facebook: House of Lashes


You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter at @pjacksone.


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