Lilly Lashes

I am a HUGE Shah’s of Sunset fan.  I love all of the opulence and glamour of the stars of this show.  The men are beautiful and the women are breathtaking.  Their wardrobe and make up are always flawless.  One of the break out stars was Lilly Ghalichi.  Some people called her “Persian Barbie” because she looked like a living doll.  Everything about Lilly was over-the-top from her teeny tiny waist, to her hair, to her makeup and to her nails.

She came out with an eyelash line that is coveted by a large following of celebs and eyelash lovers across the globe.  Her lash line contains a Luxury Collection and 3-D Mink lashes and they ship WORLDWIDE!!!!

I decided to try her lashes during a huge sale last month.   I bought Milan and LA for $8.99 each.  Shipping was $5.99 so my total was $23.97 which is totally a score for celebrity lashes.

Lilly lashes duo

Her packaging is the bomb dot com.  I know some people think that packaging is bulky but I love it.  I hold it up there with collecting perfume bottles and displaying them.  The one thing I noticed immediately is that her lashes are SOOOOO lightweight. I’m talking featherweight.  I dropped one off of the tweezers twice because it was so light.  This translates into a very comfortable lash that you don’t even realize you are wearing.

LA is a very natural looking lash.  I wanted something I could wear to work. Here is LA:

Milan gave me a hint of va va voom for the office but was still work appropriate. Here is Milan:

The 2 that I purchased are not currently on the website.  Not sure if it’s because it’s sold out or if that was a clearance sale on those items.

I prefer my lashes to have more of a curled effect instead of flaring out and up.  So I need to get some of her other lashes for that look. I was mainly trying something safe before spending $20 or $30 on lashes. You know I’m a bargain shopper so I will always wait for a sale before purchasing.  She always has sales and has one going on right now.  Use the code “WEEKENDGLAM” to receive 10% (sale ends Sunday).  She is also giving away a free lash applicator was every order.  How cute is that???? It’s pink, I LOVE it!!!!

Lilly lash applicator

I have no complaints: shipping was fast and huge variety to choose from.

Here is the information on how you can stay in the know.  Like Lilly says it’s “more than just lashes, they’re a lifestyle.”

My affiliate link to the website:

Twitter: @LillyGhalichi

Instagram: @lillylashes


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