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ColourPop – The Matte Experience

As I mentioned in my last installment on ColourPop, I would show you the Matte Lippies that I purchased.  15 Matte X Lippies launched on April 28th and when I tell you we were all stalking the Instagram page to see exactly what time the lippies went live on the site.  It was crazy – I’m not even exaggerating.  I was on the computer once I got home from work placing my order.  I wasn’t expecting to get everything that I wanted but I did and was happy because many choices were already gone before the day was over.

So I bought Chatteau, Poppin, More Better and Trust Me. My total came up to $20.99 (this included a discount code for $5 and shipping of $4.99).  Now that’s a sale – it was like a free shipping sale.

Chatteau: I love this because it’s a neutral, deep, rich shade.


Poppin: This is DEFINITELY not my shade.  It is waaaayyyyy too bright for me.


More Better: Love this one also, it’s like a dark pink.

Trust Me: It’s a red but not a “see you coming down the street” red.  I have worn this to work and received compliments. I have really received compliments on all of my ColourPop shades but with red being tricky I just wanted to point out that it IS work appropriate.

I also bought the primer in a previous purchase.  Just a little something to prepare my lips for the color.


Now the drawback – it’s drying!!!!!!  I hate to say it because I LOVE ColourPop but the mattes are SO DRYING.  I know this is a problem across the board with this type of lipstick but I keep thinking: there’s got to be a better way.  I feel like the woman wearing the smoking hot high heels and she’s in pain the whole time but she looks good and that’s all that matters. ColourPop mentioned in their materials that come in the order that some women use Chapstick underneath the mattes but they couldn’t guarantee how the lipstick would stay.  This is understandable. The Matte X goes on smooth but once it sets – tumbleweed city! I’m just saying – the truth is the truth. The finish and color is to die for though.

I need help.  I’m new to the #MatteLife.  Somebody, anybody HELP!!! MUAs, fashionistas, lipstick-istas, ColourPop fans, matte lipstick fans – I’m sending out an all points bulletin for assistance. I need to know how to keep the incredible look without wanting to smear Vaseline all over my  lips for relief.  Please comment below or comment on my Instagram page (@pjacksone) and help sister out.  ColourPop Cosmetics, if you are reading this please comment below.  Help!!!!!!

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By now most of you know that I have a not so slight obsession with Colourpop. What’s not to love? They have make up in a zillion colors and you don’t have to break the bank to look cute.

I took advantage of a HUGE sale last month. All items were 20% off. I got some lipsticks for as little as $4.80.  Shipping is free when you spend $30 so I had to buy 7 shades.


That’s cheaper than drugstore lipstick and much better quality.  By the way, this is not my total Colourpop stash. I bought the new Matte X lipsticks also – I will highlight those in another blog.

Another reason I adore this company is because most of the products are vegan. On the FAQs page they list the items that are not: . It might seem like a long list but when you compare that to the number of products that they sell, you see that it’s not many non-vegan products at all. When you are able to find products that are not harmful and look great – it’s a win-win.

I bought 4 Ultra Satin Lips ( Panda, Lyin’ King, Prim, & Tansy). I also bought 3 Ultra Matte Lips (Are & Be, LAX and Zipper). These are all liquid lipsticks.

Out of all of the shades only 1 definitely did not work: Lyin’ King. I felt like it was WAYYYY to bright for me.

I’m on the fence about Are & Be.  It’s a nude lipstick but you know nudes can be hit or miss.  Hubby said it was fine, what do you think?

Here is the rest of the haul (I could not find the tube for Tansy when I took the picture). They are  listed in order: Tansy, More Better, LAX, Panda, Zipper, & Prim.

PicsArt_05-15-07.15.03 (1)20160519_05565120160519_05563720160518_05540020160518_055330


Do I have any complaints? Well . . . I am new to the matte look. Yes, I know I’m beyond late but the whole dryness thing scared me. I keep hearing about how they all dry your lips out no matter what brand you pick.  I finally gave in a decided to be “on trend” and get some mattes in my life. True to form, the Ultra Mattes went on smooth but my lips were dry after a while. I kept licking my lips to make them moist but it didn’t work for very long. But when I tell you the Ultra Matte Lip is damn near bullet-proof – OMG!!!!! I was able to eat breakfast, lunch, & drink from a water bottle, coffee and soda all day and it didn’t come off. I would only touch up  the inner part of my bottom lip once and that was it. They did say in their information that came in the package, that some women apply Chapstick before they apply the matte lipstick. They said they could not guarantee that the product would work as applied in doing this. So basically, it’s an apply at your own risk scenario.

For the most part, I feel that I can never go wrong with Colourpop. Their colors are amazing and super pigmented.  The staying power is remarkable. They actually say that the mattes are kiss proof.

You already know my vote is two thousand thumbs up to Colourpop for great products at an affordable price. I also love that the have swatches on their website and Instagram that shows you what the colors look like on different people.  For a women of color that is a great service.

For all of my matte lipstick lovers, please tell me how to rock it without the super dry lips. I love the look but not the dryness.  I know some of my make-up artist subbies have some tips and tricks to share.

Let me know what you think of the shades I picked and tell me what you have picked.

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I have had a long standing love affair with this company for years. Their products are impeccable and of the highest quality.  With that comes a hefty price tag that keeps me from buying regularly. Oh but when QVC has a sale though . . . OMG!!!!  Truth be told, this is how I always buy my Philosophy products.  You just get way more bang for your buck.

Last month QVC had a Philosophy segment on and one of the gift sets contained a 64 oz. bottle of the shampoo/shower gel/bubble bath, 32 oz of the shampoo/shower gel/bubble bath, 16 oz. of the glazed body souffle and 8 oz. of glazed body souffle.  The total cost was $76.92 BUT is was on easy pay.  So I was able to get it for $21.37 per month for 4 months.  At that price, I bought 2.

The scents available were Fresh Cream, Sweet Vanilla Fig, Lemon Custard and Orange Cocoa.  I went for the Fresh Cream and Sweet Vanilla Fig. I have had experience using the Fresh Cream so I knew what that smelled like and most things that smell like Fig and Vanilla are a safe bet if you love sexy/musky type scents.

I bought the Fresh Cream for my son and husband and the Sweet Vanilla Fig for myself.  Shockingly, my son liked the Sweet Vanilla Fig also.

I cannot tell you how massive these containers are. I just want you to see the difference in the jars of the body souffle. Next to it is the body spray that I already had. This is layering scents at its’ finest.


You will be using this for MONTHS.  You will definitely get your money’s worth and once it’s time for re-order, you can switch up the scent and you will stay locked in at the discount price that your bought it at originally.

What I really love about Philosophy is that it’s more than a product that smells good. Their products are tested, good for your skin and hair and their mission is to uplift women.  All of their products have messages to uplift and empower.  1% of all USA net sales supports mental health efforts.  When you buy Philosophy, you know you are getting a high quality product that you can trust.

What is the drawback?  Since the amount of products you get is so massive, you might find yourself getting bored with the scent. When that happens I just switch up and use something else for a few days and then come back to it.

The lather is awesome.  2 pumps on your wet puff and several squeezes of the puff and you have a ton of lather.  My husband does 3 pumps.  The souffle is thick but not heavy.  It goes into the skin quickly.  The smell is nice but not overpowering so you can still use your favorite scent on top of it with no fear of clashing.

Give Philosophy a try.  I know that Sephora carries the brand on the ground.  They do occasionally have sales on their website.  If you want the best bang for the buck, then catch them on QVC.

Have you tried any Philosophy products?  What’s your fav?

You can find Philosophy:

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True Glue

By now, you should all know that I’m always striving to use all natural products. Not saying that I’m a crunchy-granola tree hugger, but when you know better you do better.  The older I…

Source: True Glue

True Glue

By now, you should all know that I’m always striving to use all natural products. Not saying that I’m a crunchy-granola tree hugger, but when you know better you do better.  The older I get the more I think about what goes on my face/skin and I’m trying to keep the results of aging to a minimum.   You only have 1 face so why put harmful chemicals on it and then be shocked when you look like an alligator at the age of 50. Just saying!

I have been very leery of lash glue for a long time.  I have been wearing lashes pretty much daily since the beginning of the year. The products in some of the most popular lash glues are not the most friendly and some are down right scary like formaldehyde.

I discovered True Glue on Instagram and was immediately intrigued. True Glue lash adhesive is actually beneficial for your skin and lashes! It contains all premium ingredients such ingredients Biotin, Castor Oil and Chamomile extract. It’s all natural and vegetarian environmentally friendly. The words all natural and lash glue usually don’t belong in the same sentence so I HAD to give it a try.  I bought 2 bottles.

I will say that the consistency is a little looser than the average lash glue so it was a HUGE learning curve for me.  It’s not runny but it’s not as thick as some of the other brands. I am also use to using tube glue instead of brush on glue so this added to my struggle of getting the application right.  I tried and tried and tried and could not get it right.  My inner lash strip kept lifting.  I was so annoyed.  I immediately contacted the company via Instagram, Twitter and email and got no answer. I tried reaching them for at least a couple of weeks. I must say that this product is not cheap. I paid $11.99 for a 5g bottle and did I mention that I bought TWO? So not getting a response was not an option.  Just when I was ready to give up and write a not so nice review of the product and company – they responded.  I was asked where I lived and how long I waited to apply the product.  They said that the glue might have frozen in transit. They offered to provide another 2 tubes of glue and a pair of lashes for my inconvenience. Mind blown!!!!

So I get the new package and they gave me 2 bottles of glue in a larger size (valued at $15.99 each) and a pair of lashes.

The packaging of the lashes was amazing.

I tried applying again and I had the same problem.  I decided to run an errand and use the True Glue and by the time I got back the inner corner of one eye had lifted. Granted, it was a windy day, but still. This is how the lashes look that they gave me.


So knowing that I had to do this blog today, I said that I had to give it another try. I decided to let the glue set for 60 seconds like I do the other adhesives.  I also made sure that I had a visible dot of glue on each end of the lash. It seems to be working.


I have a cook out to go to later so I will keep a bottle in my purse just in case but I think I have finally got the hang of it.  I think I wasn’t letting it getting tacky enough before applying and that I didn’t have enough at the ends of each lash.

So my verdict: give it a try!!!  You only have 1 set of eyes. If I’m able to find something all natural and it does what it says, it’s a win-win.  It’s expensive but your eyes are worth it. I feel better knowing what’s going on my eyes is good for them. It’s a learning curve but once you play with it enough you will get it.  Just find a day that you aren’t in a rush and play with it until you get it.  It might take several tries, but you didn’t learn how to put lashes on in a day or 2 either.

Have you used Lash Glue?  What were your thoughts?

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World Natural Hair Show

I attended the World Natural Hair Show in my hometown of Atlanta a couple of weeks ago.  This event is sponsored by Taliah Waajid and draws crowds from around the country.  This is a party for everyone that makes products, sells products, and wears natural products.  It’s a celebration of natural hair.  Natural hair doesn’t just mean afros and locs.  It’s a celebration of embracing your curls and coils no matter what your nationality and ethnic background is.  It’s a place to find all natural hair products for however you wear your hair and whatever your hair type is. And yes, when in Rome, dress as the Romans.  The Natural Diva was ready to see and be seen.

I go to this event every year to meet the CEOs of my favorite hair products and buy the items I want at a discounted show price.  If you don’t have a favorite brand this is the opportunity to get samples so you can see what works for you.  You never know what celebrities you will meet because often the who’s who in entertainment are in the building with the brands they love.

This year, unfortunately, I was rushed and didn’t get to spend the time that I wanted just hanging out and meeting people.  My main objective was to stock up on products from my favorite brand, The Mane Choice, and to meet the CEO, Courtney Adeleye. Once that was accomplished, I was free to look around and meet more Curlfriends and product makers.

Another friend of mine in the natural hair community is Monique Rodriguez, CEO of Mielle Organics  Monique had celebrity hairstylist and TV personality Angela C. Styles on the platform educating everyone about how to apply her products. Monique is one of those people you meet once and you have an instant connection.

I was over-the-moon delighted to finally meet CEO Scarlett Rocourt.  She is the maker of Wonder Curl products:  Her all natural line of products was one of the first natural lines that I used when becoming a new natural. Scarlett holds a special place in my heart.


Just about every time I go to a hair show I run into the CEO of Mixed Chicks, Kim Etheredge.  Her products are legendary and she is always so sweet when you talk to her.


I did not have time enough to walk the entire floor and buy more products. I did not take floor pics like a should have.  Some vendors had amazing displays.  Shea Moisture had their own mini store built inside of the expo.  Camille Rose also had a store built inside of the building.  It was awesome to see the creativity of the different brands and how they drew you into their space with creative marketing.  I did meet some You Tubers and other Curlfriends there and enjoyed myself but for an expo like this, you need at least 4 hours.  That’s just me.  I’m a people person and connection maker.  I love to talk and get to know people and meet new people.  You can never know too many people.

Next year I will definitely go both days.  I heard some vendors had even bigger sales on Sunday.  I was kicking myself in the butt for not getting a 2 day ticket.  Next time, I promise a more detailed report and more pictures.  I have a few more pics on my Instagram page @pjacksone. The World Natural Hair Show is held in different cities but Atlanta is, of course, one of the biggest shows.  You can find out more by going to their website: