World Natural Hair Show

I attended the World Natural Hair Show in my hometown of Atlanta a couple of weeks ago.  This event is sponsored by Taliah Waajid and draws crowds from around the country.  This is a party for everyone that makes products, sells products, and wears natural products.  It’s a celebration of natural hair.  Natural hair doesn’t just mean afros and locs.  It’s a celebration of embracing your curls and coils no matter what your nationality and ethnic background is.  It’s a place to find all natural hair products for however you wear your hair and whatever your hair type is. And yes, when in Rome, dress as the Romans.  The Natural Diva was ready to see and be seen.

I go to this event every year to meet the CEOs of my favorite hair products and buy the items I want at a discounted show price.  If you don’t have a favorite brand this is the opportunity to get samples so you can see what works for you.  You never know what celebrities you will meet because often the who’s who in entertainment are in the building with the brands they love.

This year, unfortunately, I was rushed and didn’t get to spend the time that I wanted just hanging out and meeting people.  My main objective was to stock up on products from my favorite brand, The Mane Choice, and to meet the CEO, Courtney Adeleye. Once that was accomplished, I was free to look around and meet more Curlfriends and product makers.

Another friend of mine in the natural hair community is Monique Rodriguez, CEO of Mielle Organics  Monique had celebrity hairstylist and TV personality Angela C. Styles on the platform educating everyone about how to apply her products. Monique is one of those people you meet once and you have an instant connection.

I was over-the-moon delighted to finally meet CEO Scarlett Rocourt.  She is the maker of Wonder Curl products:  Her all natural line of products was one of the first natural lines that I used when becoming a new natural. Scarlett holds a special place in my heart.


Just about every time I go to a hair show I run into the CEO of Mixed Chicks, Kim Etheredge.  Her products are legendary and she is always so sweet when you talk to her.


I did not have time enough to walk the entire floor and buy more products. I did not take floor pics like a should have.  Some vendors had amazing displays.  Shea Moisture had their own mini store built inside of the expo.  Camille Rose also had a store built inside of the building.  It was awesome to see the creativity of the different brands and how they drew you into their space with creative marketing.  I did meet some You Tubers and other Curlfriends there and enjoyed myself but for an expo like this, you need at least 4 hours.  That’s just me.  I’m a people person and connection maker.  I love to talk and get to know people and meet new people.  You can never know too many people.

Next year I will definitely go both days.  I heard some vendors had even bigger sales on Sunday.  I was kicking myself in the butt for not getting a 2 day ticket.  Next time, I promise a more detailed report and more pictures.  I have a few more pics on my Instagram page @pjacksone. The World Natural Hair Show is held in different cities but Atlanta is, of course, one of the biggest shows.  You can find out more by going to their website:



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