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By now, you should all know that I’m always striving to use all natural products. Not saying that I’m a crunchy-granola tree hugger, but when you know better you do better.  The older I get the more I think about what goes on my face/skin and I’m trying to keep the results of aging to a minimum.   You only have 1 face so why put harmful chemicals on it and then be shocked when you look like an alligator at the age of 50. Just saying!

I have been very leery of lash glue for a long time.  I have been wearing lashes pretty much daily since the beginning of the year. The products in some of the most popular lash glues are not the most friendly and some are down right scary like formaldehyde.

I discovered True Glue on Instagram and was immediately intrigued. True Glue lash adhesive is actually beneficial for your skin and lashes! It contains all premium ingredients such ingredients Biotin, Castor Oil and Chamomile extract. It’s all natural and vegetarian environmentally friendly. The words all natural and lash glue usually don’t belong in the same sentence so I HAD to give it a try.  I bought 2 bottles.

I will say that the consistency is a little looser than the average lash glue so it was a HUGE learning curve for me.  It’s not runny but it’s not as thick as some of the other brands. I am also use to using tube glue instead of brush on glue so this added to my struggle of getting the application right.  I tried and tried and tried and could not get it right.  My inner lash strip kept lifting.  I was so annoyed.  I immediately contacted the company via Instagram, Twitter and email and got no answer. I tried reaching them for at least a couple of weeks. I must say that this product is not cheap. I paid $11.99 for a 5g bottle and did I mention that I bought TWO? So not getting a response was not an option.  Just when I was ready to give up and write a not so nice review of the product and company – they responded.  I was asked where I lived and how long I waited to apply the product.  They said that the glue might have frozen in transit. They offered to provide another 2 tubes of glue and a pair of lashes for my inconvenience. Mind blown!!!!

So I get the new package and they gave me 2 bottles of glue in a larger size (valued at $15.99 each) and a pair of lashes.

The packaging of the lashes was amazing.

I tried applying again and I had the same problem.  I decided to run an errand and use the True Glue and by the time I got back the inner corner of one eye had lifted. Granted, it was a windy day, but still. This is how the lashes look that they gave me.


So knowing that I had to do this blog today, I said that I had to give it another try. I decided to let the glue set for 60 seconds like I do the other adhesives.  I also made sure that I had a visible dot of glue on each end of the lash. It seems to be working.


I have a cook out to go to later so I will keep a bottle in my purse just in case but I think I have finally got the hang of it.  I think I wasn’t letting it getting tacky enough before applying and that I didn’t have enough at the ends of each lash.

So my verdict: give it a try!!!  You only have 1 set of eyes. If I’m able to find something all natural and it does what it says, it’s a win-win.  It’s expensive but your eyes are worth it. I feel better knowing what’s going on my eyes is good for them. It’s a learning curve but once you play with it enough you will get it.  Just find a day that you aren’t in a rush and play with it until you get it.  It might take several tries, but you didn’t learn how to put lashes on in a day or 2 either.

Have you used Lash Glue?  What were your thoughts?

You can find Lash Glue on the following platforms:


Instagram: @true_glue_adhesive

Twitter: @True_Glue

Facebook: True Glue



One thought on “True Glue

  1. I have the same problem, my inner strip lash lifts. I live in Italy, so I have buyed trueglue from The bottle was not full of glue, I think it was used before.

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