By now most of you know that I have a not so slight obsession with Colourpop. What’s not to love? They have make up in a zillion colors and you don’t have to break the bank to look cute.

I took advantage of a HUGE sale last month. All items were 20% off. I got some lipsticks for as little as $4.80.  Shipping is free when you spend $30 so I had to buy 7 shades.


That’s cheaper than drugstore lipstick and much better quality.  By the way, this is not my total Colourpop stash. I bought the new Matte X lipsticks also – I will highlight those in another blog.

Another reason I adore this company is because most of the products are vegan. On the FAQs page they list the items that are not: . It might seem like a long list but when you compare that to the number of products that they sell, you see that it’s not many non-vegan products at all. When you are able to find products that are not harmful and look great – it’s a win-win.

I bought 4 Ultra Satin Lips ( Panda, Lyin’ King, Prim, & Tansy). I also bought 3 Ultra Matte Lips (Are & Be, LAX and Zipper). These are all liquid lipsticks.

Out of all of the shades only 1 definitely did not work: Lyin’ King. I felt like it was WAYYYY to bright for me.

I’m on the fence about Are & Be.  It’s a nude lipstick but you know nudes can be hit or miss.  Hubby said it was fine, what do you think?

Here is the rest of the haul (I could not find the tube for Tansy when I took the picture). They are  listed in order: Tansy, More Better, LAX, Panda, Zipper, & Prim.

PicsArt_05-15-07.15.03 (1)20160519_05565120160519_05563720160518_05540020160518_055330


Do I have any complaints? Well . . . I am new to the matte look. Yes, I know I’m beyond late but the whole dryness thing scared me. I keep hearing about how they all dry your lips out no matter what brand you pick.  I finally gave in a decided to be “on trend” and get some mattes in my life. True to form, the Ultra Mattes went on smooth but my lips were dry after a while. I kept licking my lips to make them moist but it didn’t work for very long. But when I tell you the Ultra Matte Lip is damn near bullet-proof – OMG!!!!! I was able to eat breakfast, lunch, & drink from a water bottle, coffee and soda all day and it didn’t come off. I would only touch up  the inner part of my bottom lip once and that was it. They did say in their information that came in the package, that some women apply Chapstick before they apply the matte lipstick. They said they could not guarantee that the product would work as applied in doing this. So basically, it’s an apply at your own risk scenario.

For the most part, I feel that I can never go wrong with Colourpop. Their colors are amazing and super pigmented.  The staying power is remarkable. They actually say that the mattes are kiss proof.

You already know my vote is two thousand thumbs up to Colourpop for great products at an affordable price. I also love that the have swatches on their website and Instagram that shows you what the colors look like on different people.  For a women of color that is a great service.

For all of my matte lipstick lovers, please tell me how to rock it without the super dry lips. I love the look but not the dryness.  I know some of my make-up artist subbies have some tips and tricks to share.

Let me know what you think of the shades I picked and tell me what you have picked.

Here is how to stay in the know with Colourpop:


Instagram: @colourpopcosmetics

Twitter: @ColourPopCo

Facebook: ColourPop



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