ColourPop – The Matte Experience

As I mentioned in my last installment on ColourPop, I would show you the Matte Lippies that I purchased.  15 Matte X Lippies launched on April 28th and when I tell you we were all stalking the Instagram page to see exactly what time the lippies went live on the site.  It was crazy – I’m not even exaggerating.  I was on the computer once I got home from work placing my order.  I wasn’t expecting to get everything that I wanted but I did and was happy because many choices were already gone before the day was over.

So I bought Chatteau, Poppin, More Better and Trust Me. My total came up to $20.99 (this included a discount code for $5 and shipping of $4.99).  Now that’s a sale – it was like a free shipping sale.

Chatteau: I love this because it’s a neutral, deep, rich shade.


Poppin: This is DEFINITELY not my shade.  It is waaaayyyyy too bright for me.


More Better: Love this one also, it’s like a dark pink.

Trust Me: It’s a red but not a “see you coming down the street” red.  I have worn this to work and received compliments. I have really received compliments on all of my ColourPop shades but with red being tricky I just wanted to point out that it IS work appropriate.

I also bought the primer in a previous purchase.  Just a little something to prepare my lips for the color.


Now the drawback – it’s drying!!!!!!  I hate to say it because I LOVE ColourPop but the mattes are SO DRYING.  I know this is a problem across the board with this type of lipstick but I keep thinking: there’s got to be a better way.  I feel like the woman wearing the smoking hot high heels and she’s in pain the whole time but she looks good and that’s all that matters. ColourPop mentioned in their materials that come in the order that some women use Chapstick underneath the mattes but they couldn’t guarantee how the lipstick would stay.  This is understandable. The Matte X goes on smooth but once it sets – tumbleweed city! I’m just saying – the truth is the truth. The finish and color is to die for though.

I need help.  I’m new to the #MatteLife.  Somebody, anybody HELP!!! MUAs, fashionistas, lipstick-istas, ColourPop fans, matte lipstick fans – I’m sending out an all points bulletin for assistance. I need to know how to keep the incredible look without wanting to smear Vaseline all over my  lips for relief.  Please comment below or comment on my Instagram page (@pjacksone) and help sister out.  ColourPop Cosmetics, if you are reading this please comment below.  Help!!!!!!

You can stay in the know with ColourPop this way:


Instagram: @colourpopcosmetics

Twitter: @colourpopco

Facebook: ColourPop



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