Atlanta, GA

Bio: I am a natural hair enthusiast that resides in beautiful Atlanta, Georgia. I'm a wife, mother and natural hair advocate. I was a former virgin hair distributor that turned fabulous Naturalista in early 2015. I love discussing all things hair: styles, techniques, best practices and products. Smelling good is a top priority! Want to try designer fragrances for $10 for your first month and only $15 every month afterward? Click the link to join: https://www.luxuryscentbox.com/ and use my promo code : "PATRICIA5". They have the largest fragrance sample spray of everyone, it's .30 oz. I have also started dabbling in makeup a little more. Life is too short not to be FABULOUS right? Follow me on my journey! Please contact me at: patriciajackson00@yahoo.com for requests for products reviews, discussion topics or any business requests. You can follow me on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter at @pjacksone

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. The Lord truly answers every prayer. I have been tempted to relax my hair since I couldn’t figure out which products to use to keep it from looking dull and dry before the end of the day. Thank you. Joy!

    • Don’t do it @JoyCo!!!! LOL! Keep hope alive! It can be a wonderful journey, it’s all about finding products that work for you. It can be a little overwhelming because there are so many products but trying samples are a good way to find out if your hair will like products without breaking the bank.

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