I’ve been duped . . . Part 2

You know by following me that I posted a video previously where I was duped on some super expensive fragrances: Flowerbomb and Spicebomb.  I had purchased these fragrances from Scent City Perfumery and when I got them, the codes inside the box had been removed.  The fragrances also didn’t smell the same as the originals which were acquired previously through Scentbird.  I told everyone in that video that I would do another video because I had also purchased 2 Juicy Couture fragrances that I was now unsure of their authenticity.

So we fast forward to now and I have bought the authentic scents from Luxury Scent Box (I’m a subscriber).  I bought Viva La Juicy and Viva La Juicy Noir and compared the scents.  Check out the video to see the results of what happened next:


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Previous video on getting duped on buying fragrances:

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Lash break: mascara or falsies????

I have been wearing falsies consistently since the beginning of the year. I decided to take a break for about a month but I’ve been missing my lashes (falsies) like crazy. I need all of my Lash-in-nistas to let me know how you got over the hump. Have you taken a break? If so for how long? Are you still wearing your falsies consistently? Do you like my look with falsies or au la naturale (with mascara)?

Here’s my new video on the mascaras I’m currently wearing:

You can check out my previous videos to see me in lashes:

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Let me know your thoughts!

The perfume collection is growing feat. Scentbird’s gift box

This video consist of the Scentbird Hollywood Diva gift set. It includes Modern Muse, Gucci Premiere and Black Opium.

Here is my link to use to get a free Scentbird perfume:

I also bought The One, Pink Sugar and Viva La Juicy Noir.

The One notes are vanilla, peach, litchi, amber and lily.

Premiere notes are white flowers, bergamot, orange blossom, musk and woods.

Pink Sugar notes are cotton candy, caramel, vanilla, licorice and raspberry.

Viva La Juicy Noir notes are wild berries, caramel, vanilla, honeysuckle and gardenia.

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True Glue

By now, you should all know that I’m always striving to use all natural products. Not saying that I’m a crunchy-granola tree hugger, but when you know better you do better.  The older I get the more I think about what goes on my face/skin and I’m trying to keep the results of aging to a minimum.   You only have 1 face so why put harmful chemicals on it and then be shocked when you look like an alligator at the age of 50. Just saying!

I have been very leery of lash glue for a long time.  I have been wearing lashes pretty much daily since the beginning of the year. The products in some of the most popular lash glues are not the most friendly and some are down right scary like formaldehyde.

I discovered True Glue on Instagram and was immediately intrigued. True Glue lash adhesive is actually beneficial for your skin and lashes! It contains all premium ingredients such ingredients Biotin, Castor Oil and Chamomile extract. It’s all natural and vegetarian environmentally friendly. The words all natural and lash glue usually don’t belong in the same sentence so I HAD to give it a try.  I bought 2 bottles.

I will say that the consistency is a little looser than the average lash glue so it was a HUGE learning curve for me.  It’s not runny but it’s not as thick as some of the other brands. I am also use to using tube glue instead of brush on glue so this added to my struggle of getting the application right.  I tried and tried and tried and could not get it right.  My inner lash strip kept lifting.  I was so annoyed.  I immediately contacted the company via Instagram, Twitter and email and got no answer. I tried reaching them for at least a couple of weeks. I must say that this product is not cheap. I paid $11.99 for a 5g bottle and did I mention that I bought TWO? So not getting a response was not an option.  Just when I was ready to give up and write a not so nice review of the product and company – they responded.  I was asked where I lived and how long I waited to apply the product.  They said that the glue might have frozen in transit. They offered to provide another 2 tubes of glue and a pair of lashes for my inconvenience. Mind blown!!!!

So I get the new package and they gave me 2 bottles of glue in a larger size (valued at $15.99 each) and a pair of lashes.

The packaging of the lashes was amazing.

I tried applying again and I had the same problem.  I decided to run an errand and use the True Glue and by the time I got back the inner corner of one eye had lifted. Granted, it was a windy day, but still. This is how the lashes look that they gave me.


So knowing that I had to do this blog today, I said that I had to give it another try. I decided to let the glue set for 60 seconds like I do the other adhesives.  I also made sure that I had a visible dot of glue on each end of the lash. It seems to be working.


I have a cook out to go to later so I will keep a bottle in my purse just in case but I think I have finally got the hang of it.  I think I wasn’t letting it getting tacky enough before applying and that I didn’t have enough at the ends of each lash.

So my verdict: give it a try!!!  You only have 1 set of eyes. If I’m able to find something all natural and it does what it says, it’s a win-win.  It’s expensive but your eyes are worth it. I feel better knowing what’s going on my eyes is good for them. It’s a learning curve but once you play with it enough you will get it.  Just find a day that you aren’t in a rush and play with it until you get it.  It might take several tries, but you didn’t learn how to put lashes on in a day or 2 either.

Have you used Lash Glue?  What were your thoughts?

You can find Lash Glue on the following platforms:


Instagram: @true_glue_adhesive

Twitter: @True_Glue

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Lilly Lashes

I am a HUGE Shah’s of Sunset fan.  I love all of the opulence and glamour of the stars of this show.  The men are beautiful and the women are breathtaking.  Their wardrobe and make up are always flawless.  One of the break out stars was Lilly Ghalichi.  Some people called her “Persian Barbie” because she looked like a living doll.  Everything about Lilly was over-the-top from her teeny tiny waist, to her hair, to her makeup and to her nails.

She came out with an eyelash line that is coveted by a large following of celebs and eyelash lovers across the globe.  Her lash line contains a Luxury Collection and 3-D Mink lashes and they ship WORLDWIDE!!!!

I decided to try her lashes during a huge sale last month.   I bought Milan and LA for $8.99 each.  Shipping was $5.99 so my total was $23.97 which is totally a score for celebrity lashes.

Lilly lashes duo

Her packaging is the bomb dot com.  I know some people think that packaging is bulky but I love it.  I hold it up there with collecting perfume bottles and displaying them.  The one thing I noticed immediately is that her lashes are SOOOOO lightweight. I’m talking featherweight.  I dropped one off of the tweezers twice because it was so light.  This translates into a very comfortable lash that you don’t even realize you are wearing.

LA is a very natural looking lash.  I wanted something I could wear to work. Here is LA:

Milan gave me a hint of va va voom for the office but was still work appropriate. Here is Milan:

The 2 that I purchased are not currently on the website.  Not sure if it’s because it’s sold out or if that was a clearance sale on those items.

I prefer my lashes to have more of a curled effect instead of flaring out and up.  So I need to get some of her other lashes for that look. I was mainly trying something safe before spending $20 or $30 on lashes. You know I’m a bargain shopper so I will always wait for a sale before purchasing.  She always has sales and has one going on right now.  Use the code “WEEKENDGLAM” to receive 10% (sale ends Sunday).  She is also giving away a free lash applicator was every order.  How cute is that???? It’s pink, I LOVE it!!!!

Lilly lash applicator

I have no complaints: shipping was fast and huge variety to choose from.

Here is the information on how you can stay in the know.  Like Lilly says it’s “more than just lashes, they’re a lifestyle.”

My affiliate link to the website:

Twitter: @LillyGhalichi

Instagram: @lillylashes

House of Lashes

I know some of you are like “Seriously? Another lash blog?”  My answer is “YES!!!”  Do you know how many companies make falsies?  I could blog weekly for months and still have content to share.

This week’s blog is on the fabulous House of Lashes.  Their philosophy is “Quality is Queen”.  House of Lashes is founded by a beauty and fashion expert.  She spent 4 years researching lashes across the globe before choosing the top 10 most flattering styles for every eye shape. Their lashes are hand crafted using 100% sterilized premium human hair. They have 4 collections:Au Naturale, Flirty, Glam, and Premium Luxe (which showcases lashes made of cruelty-free synthetic fibers).  They also sell individual lashes, bottom lashes, custom 3 packs and lash accessories.

I bought the Custom 3 Pack of the Best Sellers:  There are 8 best sellers in the collection but I chose: Heartbreaker, Au Naturale and Temptress Wispy.  By now you know that I LOVE a Wispy lash – it gives me my whole entire life. The lash holder case doesn’t tell you what the lashes are so as long as you keep them in their decorative boxes, you will know which lashes are which.

Here is Heartbreaker (a dense lash in places with some whispiness):

Next is Au Naturale (extremely natural lash):

Last but not least is Temptress Wispy (LOTS of wispiness!):

Shockingly, I think I liked the Au Naturale the most.  I could not believe it myself.  It’s such a realistic looking lash. Don’t get me wrong, the wispy and thicker lashes were the bomb but it was something about that super natural-looking lash that just did it for me.

I purchased these during a sale on the Custom 3 Pack.  They were $22 dollars but I used a coupon code so after shipping my total was $20.60.  Not bad for lashes from a lash house – totally worth the investment.  They also have free shipping for orders over $25. They have sooooo many different styles and collections to choose from. There is something for everyone.   Check out the cases that they sell to hold your lashes – GORGE!!!!:

Have you bought lashes or accessories from House of Lashes?  Tell me your favs and which ones I should buy next?

You can find House of Lashes via the following:

Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest: @houseoflashes

Facebook: House of Lashes


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