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Tree Dazzler Deluxe Christmas Tree Lights

Why was I watching an infomercial recently and saw this on TV?  I was amazed but skeptical.  For $40 this promised to light up your tree to make it look like a professional did it.  So since I had not put my tree up yet, I thought “why not?”  You know that the WORST part of decorating the tree is the lights so this seemed like an answer to a dream.

I went on YouTube first and looked at a video and was pleased with what I saw and decided to buy.  When I did a google search I saw that HSN had the same item for the same price BUT they had easy pay so you could split the payment in two.  I did go ahead and pay the $40 lump sum payment.

I took some still shots so you could see how it looked.

Just as they mentioned, you take it out and plug it in and you are ready to go.  It really can’t get any easier.

Here is the video from HSN’s YouTube channel showing the demonstration of how it works: https://youtu.be/Q5Evg39z-HM

When I tell you that this was the best $40 I have spent in a while, I am so serious.  It made decorating the tree so much easier because if you had gaps you didn’t have to worry because the size of the lights would fill in the gaps.

The lights have 3 modes: still mode, shimmer mode and show mode.  Each mode has corresponding colors that show in that mode. I keep mine on show mode which gives a continuous flash of multiple colors constantly.

I ordered it Nov 25th and it shipped Nov 29th so I had it in about 1 week. If you are tired of struggling with lights, you MUST have this.  HSN is currently doing easy pay on THREE payments and it’s now $50 – I guess they are trying to give people’s pockets a break from Christmas shopping.  Here is the link to their site if you would like to purchase or just find out more information: https://www.hsn.com/products/tree-dazzler-deluxe-christmas-tree-lights/8205253

The official Tree Dazzler website still has it for $40 but you have to pay shipping and handling: https://www.treedazzler.com

Let me know if you have tried this and what do you think.


And the gift goes to . . . . . . . . me!!!!

Ok, we all know it’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? It’s all about the spirit of spreading joy and most people do that with gifts.

My question for you is: how many of you used Black Friday and Cyber Monday to shop for YOU???  Yes, I said for you.  As a wife and mother, we are programmed to tend to others first.  I think this might have been the FIRST holiday shopping weekend that I devoted to ME.

Well, I must admit that my first Christmas purchase was not me, it was for my mother-in-law.  I bought her a beautiful gift set from Wax and Lather (an artisan soap, toiletries and candle company). I bought a couple of soaps so I could test the products and then bought the gift set for my mother-in-law.  I will post the company information below and do a blog on the gift set and soap soon.


I will also add that I did ask hubby what he wanted for Christmas and he said cologne.  Did he tell me what kind? NO!  I asked him twice during the busy holiday shopping weekend and he never gave me an answer.  He only said that he would let me know. So since I am not a psychic or mind-reader, I decided to shop for me.

This year I decided that I want hair products for Christmas.  So I decided to try a brand that I have not tried before.  This brand is one of the hottest brands in the industry and the buzz has been nothing but positive.  What brand did I choose?: Mielle Organics!!! This company has grown by leaps and bounds since 2014 and I HAD to see what the buzz was about.  On Black Friday, I bought one of the Healthy Hair Regimen Pack 1 that included hair vitamins, shampoo, deep conditioner, co-wash, and mint almond oil.  On Cyber Monday, I bought the hair milk and leave-in conditioner.  I will be doing a blog on these products very soon.  I tried the items that I got on Black Friday and I must say I am pleased and can’t wait to get the rest of the products to use together.


I decided to buy for me so I could let hubby know what I wanted him to buy me for Christmas.  Why not get what you want, right? I have no problem telling him “this is what I want”.  We decided to do this a few years ago, just stop beating around the bush and say what you want.  Does that spoil the surprise? NO!!!! If it’s something I want, I’m a happy camper.

I bring this topic up to ask the question: how many of you feel guilty for buying for yourself first?  Why do you feel guilty? I have reached a stage in my life, where I finally realized that I need to treat myself.  Sometimes, I need to put myself first.  We are so used to giving and giving to others and by the time we think about ourselves, we have nothing left to give.

I don’t feel guilty one bit. Do I still have to shop for hubby? Yes! Do I still have to shop for my son? Yes!  I’m OK with that.  It’s about taking the time to stop for a minute during this busy holiday season and just take a moment for yourself.  There is nothing wrong with doing that.  So spill the tea . . . what have you bought for yourself already????

You can visit the websites of the companies I mentioned by clicking the links below: